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Karl Mollison
Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist            Certified DNA ThetaHealing Instructor

Empowering people nation-wide to transform their feelings by phone with breakthrough techniques like Holographic Memory Resolution and DNA ThetaHealing or through in-office guided imagery and hypnosis sessions in the northwest Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois.

  • Have career issues?
  • Problem manifesting money?
  • Relationship problems?
  • Worried or fearful?
  • Have unwanted habits?
  • Sleepless; chronically fatigued?
  • Want more self-confidence?
  • Troubled by experiences in your past?
  • Sad; unhappy; grieving?
  • Stress undermining your health?
  • Burdened by symptoms of chronic illness?
  • Need a weight loss solution for being overweight?
  • Have a child with emotional problems?

I help sparrows with a broken wing soar like eagles.

It's from the heart, based on science, and it works.

Your breakthrough to a happier future is just a phone call away: 847-577-3750.

Call me for a free phone consultation.

I'll tell you what will help and why it will work!

See for yourself what's possible with guided imagery:

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Your breakthrough to a happier future is just a phone call away: 847-577-3750.

Call me for a free phone consultation.

I'll tell you what will help and why it will work!

Why I don't do therapy:

Therapy is defined as treatment of a disorder medically. These are mental and physical illnesses legally requiring intervention by licensed healthcare providers with the aid of psychotherapy, counseling, medication or surgery.

It is a truism that when the mind suffers the body cries out. The mind-body connection causes stress to hit our weakest link. Research has shown that even people with serious medical conditions do better when they have a way to reduce their stress and unhappy feelings. I can help such individuals with medical referral.

Ordinary people with ordinary problems can also use my powerful client-centered techniques to locate the root cause of why they feel bad and find a solution that will resolve it so they can feel happier. It's rapid, works on the spot, and results in permanent change, although most problems will require multiple sessions to completely resolve all the underlying issues.

You are the expert on you. You may not know consciously why you are unhappy or what to do about it, but believe me, your subconscious knows. I can guide you through a gentle, simple, process to help you find your answers and make a change for the better.

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I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Karl for leading me through the DNA ThetaHealing which has changed my life. 

I was bi-polar and led a life of ups and downs and frequent thoughts of suicide.  Since going through the healing process with Karl, my moods have stabilized and thoughts of suicide have vanished.  Doing work about my parents has resolved deep issues and I am very happy to have completed this process.  I highly recommend it.

[Name withheld]

Good Morning Karl,

I just wanted to let you know how much lighter I feel physically and energetically today after just one session with you yesterday!

I was dancing to the radio in my kitchen this A.M. when I was making my coffee. I feel much clearer and energized overall! As an Intuitive Energy Healer I feel I can use tweaking with this method on a regular basis to help us serve others even more effectively!

[Name withheld]

Hi Karl!

I want to thank you again for yesterday's session! It was phenomenal! I'm constantly amazed by the depth of clearing we can get with this method and yesterday was no exception. It really helped me to pull out of a funk I've been in for a long time and today I'm feeling like I have all those answers I was seeking and more.

I know the work we've been doing this far has primed me for this momentous healing. I think you have an idea of how important this is to me but the transformation that happens I just can't put into words. Your faith in me lends me restoration and major advances in my own spiritual evolution.

You're amazing and I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you.
[Name withheld]

Hi Karl!

I'm just getting back to you after returning from my trip.

I am looking forward to our continued progress. During my trip I was really able to see some of the positive effects of what we've done thus far. I was more able to stay out of drama I didn't want to be involved in and also more able to voice my own feelings and needs when appropriate. I know that because of our work together I was able to enjoy myself (and my family) much more than in the past.

Thanks to your help I'm really feeling more and more like ME and less and less like Jeckle and Hyde; more stable and consistent for sure.

Since I was a young girl I very often have car dreams where I or the driver cannot control the vehicle. Just before going out of town I had the first one ever of my car dreams where I was able to stop the driver from careening off of a road onto a hilly grassy terrain. I even said to myself in the dream "Wow! I stopped it! I did it!" I woke up and I knew right away that it meant that I finally feel in control of myself. And I know it has much to do with our sessions and the power over myself they are giving back to me.

I'll say it again and again - I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for me. I thank the Universe every day for leading me to you. Your help has been the answer to my prayers.

[Name withheld]

Hi Karl,

I wanted to let you know that my son arrived last night. I worked really hard to use hypnosis to "prepare" myself with positive emotions before the birth.

I was able to deliver him with NO pain medications and it made me feel great to have a baby so naturally. 

This childbirth experience has provided me with positive feelings, which I have not felt in a while!

[Name witheld]

Hi Karl,

I have just arrived back home after 10 days in the hospital. 

One of my first priorities is to thank you for the pre-op CD that you made for me. It was of immeasurable comfort to me to have the reassuring, positive, calming suggestions to focus on as I was prepped for surgery- the staff was perfectly okay with me listening to the cd until the very last minute.

My surgery was rather extensive and I am just now beginning to resemble my physical self. I have been the recipient of much love and support from my family and friends and I am grateful for the power of that kind of positive energy -- it's almost palpable -- and there were times that I just rode the good wishes that I received.

Thank you for adding your energy and your voice to help me through this experience.

[Name withheld]


Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to die, it made me want to go off and live in a nunnery or an orphanage just to get out of the house and be away from it and I didn’t even know what I wanted to get away from because my parents said they loved me and yet I was unhappy.

I am 70 years old. I’ve been in therapy for 42 years. I've also taken many college classes in psychology on my way to becoming an oncology nurse. I’ve learned everything that happens to us is stored in the subconscious but I couldn’t find a way to get there and help to heal it. Nobody I went to, nothing that I tried worked, except EMDR helped some. But it still didn’t change the feelings inside of me of being unhappy.

With all the therapy and all the other projects and things that I did I learned how to interact with people but underneath the appropriate behaviors I learned to do, my emotions hadn’t changed. So I was still having bad feelings, I still didn’t feel connected. I felt that between me and other people there was this glass wall, I could almost reach out and touch it. I was doing what I needed to do to help the other person get what they needed, which helped me be a nurse. But I didn’t know how to get me what I needed.

I would always just look at people having children and say it’s going to be so horrible, it will never turn out the way you want it to be, you’ll be unhappy and it will break your heart.

And I see now why I was unhappy because I didn’t have any connection to anyone on an authentic level. When I met Karl he said that he was a hypnotist which interested me right away because it deals with the subconscious which is where I knew I needed to go. He also uses Holographic Memory Resolution which I’d never done.

Before I started doing the sessions I was getting almost obsessive thoughts wishing I was dead. That’s the way I felt all my life. The process Karl does kept me on track.

So anyway I was doing this process maybe 7 times with Karl, 10 times at the most, and I had this thought when I was driving along one day, “I feel so happy. Hmm, I’m so happy, I’m hopeful! I thought, who’s that talking?” It wasn’t coming from a part of me that I ever knew.

So when I’d be alone I’d wonder is that new part of me still there? And yes it was, I’d still feel hopeful and happy. I waited for that thought “I want to die” to come but it didn’t. I found could handle  bad news and didn’t have those bad thoughts. I felt hopeful that it would work out okay in the end.

As a nurse I started electronic charting at the hospital and I’m not a techie person, it was very confronting and caused this agitated depression. It was like taking a terrified child into a fun house and making them sit still. The sessions helped with that. They helped me resolve a painful experience I had with my grandmother when I was child that came up every time in every therapy that I did.  I was lying in bed about a month ago and realized, “I’m not worrying.” I no longer have trouble sleeping.

The process is like going to the movies and the movie is something you directed; you're starring in it and you've written the script yourself. The action starts and what unfolds with the coaching from Karl using guided imagery is you start weaving a story and then when you’re done you feel like it’s patched up. The gaping holes that were there are full again.

It did everything I’ve ever hoped for.  At the end of each session I felt very normalized. I didn’t feel like there is unfinished business and feel upset or feel the dread of going back and doing it again. I actually felt an eager anticipation to do it again. I didn’t have bad dreams. Nothing bad happened. Nothing.

That’s why I was so puzzled when I suddenly realized “I feel happy.”  Not only do I feel happy but I feel hopeful and I have never felt hopeful. I’ve wished for that but I’ve never felt like it’ll be okay, that it’ll work out. I lived my life with dread and now it’s shifted to feeling hopeful and happy. Those are commonly used words but hopeful and happy were just unattainable before.

Thanks so much for changing my life.

[Name withheld]


Your assistance has been a true Godsend for me. With all the problems I had following my rape 6 months ago, I have absolutely no doubt that without your assistance I would never have survived intact. Your support has enabled me to progress much more quickly than I think it would have taken without your help.

I was often feeling traumatized and distraught but the process you used left me feeling calm and peaceful, I also felt a resolution working. Your providing a safe environment and being someone I could trust means a great deal considering what I’ve been through (I do not make statements like that lightly).

While I have missed a few days of work your help has enabled me to remain fairly functional over the last several months. Due to financial issues including the elimination of overtime, a freeze on raises and the state’s tax increase, I desperately needed to find a new job making more money -- in the midst of dealing with the trauma caused by the rape. Thanks to your assistance, I was able to obtain a promotion at work. I have no doubt that this would never have been possible without your help. Karl, you’re a true hero.

[Name withheld]