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All services are offered at a flat session fee of $125.00 per session. Each session is intended to last an hour but may run longer. Every effort is made to maximize the value of each session, including allowing extra time if needed at no extra charge.


Payment is expected at the time of each appointment, by cash, check or credit card.
We do not process any insurance claims. In general, insurance companies do not cover hypnotic services. You can also use PayPal and pay online: click on the "Donate" button, then
enter $125.00 and click on the Update link to display the total:

Session Policies
Office vs. Phone sessions:

The traditional way to work with the mind is through an in-person office session. A full range of techniques can be used as needed, and a safe, private, and comfortable environment without interruptions is provided.

For many issues, phone sessions are equally effective and a good practical solution. This includes situations where distance is too great or inconvenient, or travel is limited by physical impairment. In such circumstances, some of the best and most effective techniques can still be employed, including DNA ThetaHealing™ and Holographic Memory Resolution™ which work well over the phone.
Appointment Scheduling:

Appointments must be scheduled in advance. After one missed appointment, a 50% fee will apply to any dropped session unless I am notified 24 hours or more in advance, as late cancellation times cannot be filled.
Session Goals and Frequency:

Sessions are typically 1 or 2 weeks apart, depending on the nature of the issues and progress obtained. Longer intervals can be arranged to suit budget needs.

I specialize in difficult problems, often helping people for whom everything else has failed. My interest is in helping clients with significant need who are truly committed to personal change and empowerment.

We will establish your goals at the outset and evaluate them on an ongoing basis. My experience is that even in the most difficult situations, progress will be apparent within the first few sessions. However, it is important to make a commitment to the process to achieve maximum benefit, continuing with planned sessions until goals are reached. But,there are no up-front fees. You invest as you go and are seeing continued gains.
Number of Sessions Needed:

Some simple issues, like fear of flying, have a narrow cause and can usually be dealt with in a session or two. But many significant problems involve multiple issues that developed over a considerable time. A lifetime of problems will take time to work through. Practitioners promising you a quick fix do you an injustice and will only be scratching the surface. The benefits of a single session may not be complete or long-lasting unless the major underlying issues are dealt with.

Every individual and set of issues is unique, but if you complete your program you should achieve real transformation that provides a lasting benefit. This can happen within 6 sessions, but even complicated situations can usually be turned around in as little as 10-12 sessions. Think of it. That's only a half a day of time or less!

You will benefit the rest of your life from the empowerment and new outlook you are given as part of the process.
Wouldn't you invest a half a day of time or even less, if it could change your life forever?
Take back your power!
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