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Guided Imagery for Children
Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Karl Mollison, can use powerful guided imagery techniques to help your child resolve problems now, before they become life-long patterns of emotional conflicts and self-defeating behaviors.
What is your child struggling with?

    • Emotional problems?

    Low self esteem?
    • Hates school?
    • Afraid of taking tests?
    • Poor self-image because of health or appearance?
    • Bullying?
    • Trouble making and keeping friends?
    • Hurt by difficult teachers?
    • Struggling with family problems?

    • Underachievement?
    • Sad or unhappy?

These are just a few of the many challenges kids face growing up. Anything that makes your child feel different and inadequate can be the seed of life-long emotional problems like
anxiety, depression, and self-defeating behaviors. Painful experiences can re-echo again and again, causing not only school failure but failure in life.

Why this can be the answer for your child:
The good news is that powerful techniques that are safe and gentle are now available to help your child undo the effects of life's insults. Whether your child is a teenager or pre-teen, helping your child resolve the hurtful times soon after they happen and change the limiting beliefs they cause can truly change the course of your child's life by promoting freedom to be happy and optimistic.

When children bump up against life, it starts a chain of events, a collection of experiences which the mind holds onto. When I help a child with fears about taking tests, for example, I know it will mean not only a more successful school performance, but a better life by resolving feelings that could come up again and again as an adult whenever he or she has to perform under pressure.

Why you need to act now:
Whatever my adult clients are struggling with, like excessive worrying, self-doubts, anger issues, problems at work, or relationship difficulties, these things typically have links to experiences when they were pre-school or school-aged children.

In fact, 96% of the time, our data show adult problems trace back to childhood, and two-thirds of the time the causal event took place between ages three and eight.

Once the memories of those times are reframed in a way to make them neutral or positive using guided imagery, the stored negative emotion disappears for good. The sad thing is that most adults live for decades with
childhood emotional wounds that limit their happiness and never heal. You can help your child resolve problems now to prevent life-long self-destructive habits and patterns of unhappy thoughts and feelings.

Why Beliefs are the Key:

What children believe about themselves and about how they fit into the world around them governs how they think, act, and feel. A simple example is studies showing that students who believe that intelligence can grow and develop have higher math scores than ones who believe it is a fixed quantity. Beliefs can be changed by guided imagery to replace negative, self-limiting beliefs with more positive ones. This works for any and all negative beliefs.

How it works:
I do not do psychotherapy. I facilitate guided imagery sessions to enable the child's inner self to tune in to the event causing unwanted feelings and change its meaning and the limiting beliefs it generated.

The memories are resolved by your child's creative inner mind and negativity is released right then and there. That makes it valid and effective.

Special techniques allow direct replacement of
negative beliefs with positive ones desired by the child. It's a powerful and effective combination. Every session is designed to be uplifting and positive, to strengthen and empower, to gain back freedom to feel happy and joyful about the future. The techniques I use are cutting edge and are decades away from reaching the mainstream. You can change your child's future now!

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